Jan 30
  • Tivoli Storage Manager ifincr "backup vm" may be completed with
    status failure (RC12) if client fails the virtual machine disk
    verification check.
    The client's console shows the following errors:
    ANS9921E Virtual machine disk, <VMNAME> (Hard Disk 1),
    verification check failed (1234567890/1234567890).
    ANS9919E Failed to find the expected control files for <VMNAME>.
    The problem occurs if  the "size on disk" value doesn't match a
    multiple of 16kb of the sector size declared in the vm control
    Customer/L2 diagnostic:
         Found disk: Hard Disk 2
         Verifying disk backup ctls: checking size on disk vs ctl
                                     coverage: Hard Disk 2.
         Num of CTLs = 425; type = IFFULL
         Skipping BITMAP.DAT file
         VM / Disk         : <VMNAME>/ Hard Disk 2
         capacity          : 32226647040
         size on disk      : 28151880704
         ctl coverage size : 28151889920
         disk included     : Yes
         prev backup ifincr: No
         ctl matches size  : No
         ctl found         : Yes
         bitmap found      : Yes
         disk used         : Yes
         result            : OK; Prev backup full; will recheck next
    Generally the "ctl coverage size" is equal to the "size on
    disk". In this case the "ctl coverage size" matches the next
    16KB multiple and it should be enough to allow for a successful
    backup, however the check on the "size on disk" fails and makes
    the "backup vm" command exit with a failure.
    The problem occurs if the value of the "size on disk" is not a
    multiple of 16KB (16384 bytes). In the example given above the
    value "28151880704" is not a multiple of 16K.
    A trace gathered for an earlier VM backup belonging to the same
    ifincr chain may also show the following message:
    ..\..\common\vm\vmbackvddk.cpp(6163): VmProcessExtent(): Extent
    not multiple of numSectorsPerRec 32; Last block partial read of
    14 sectors
    The fullvm backup feature is not affected by this defect because
    the check is performed only during the incremental vm backup.
    | MDVREGR |
    | MDVREGR |
    Tivoli Storage Manager Versions Affected:
    All supported Tivoli Storage Manager Client on all supported
    Initial Impact:
    Additional Keywords:
    vm backup fail zz62 zz63 zz64 zz71 disk vmdk ctl


Local fix

  • The disk check can be disabled, but the check was put into place
    to detect unrecoverable backups described by Flash (Alert)
    number 1684022,
    TSM data mover backups of VMware guests might be unrecoverable:
    If, after reading the flash and determining its applicability,
    you decide to temporarily suspend the check so that the VM can
    be backed up, then disable disk size verification by adding the
    following line in the dsm.opt file:
    The VMVERIFYIFLATEST option should be re-enabled afterwards.

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED:                                              *
    * Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments version 7.1  *
    * running on all Microsoft Windows and Linux x86_64 platforms. *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                         *
    * See ERROR DESCRIPTION                                        *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    * This issue is projected to be fixed in the Tivoli Storage    *
    * Manager Client on Windows and Linux x86_64  in level 7.1.2   *
    * Note 1: The Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Client is a         *
    * prerequisite to using the Data Protection for VMware. In     *
    * Data Protection for VMware environments, the TSM Client is   *
    * also known as the data mover.                                *
    * Note 2: This is subject to change at the discretion of IBM.  *

Problem conclusion

  • Disk verification is successful, if ctl coverage is greater then
    disk size on disk, disk size on disk is not multiple of 16kb and
    the difference is less then 16kb.

written by Bosse

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