Jun 16

ANS1353E and/or ACN5229E errors when attempting a VSS backup

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RC53 failure when configuring TSM for Copy Services to perform VSS snapshot backups and the local dsmagent node may not be able to connect properly to the TSM server. These messages can be reported on any tdpexcc command.


The errors received are:

ACN5229E Error obtaining VSS information from Local DSMAgent Node: 'NODENAME'. ANS1353E (RC53)   Session rejected: Unknown or incorrect ID entered


Either the TDP node, the local dsmagent node, or both, lack TSM server administrator ID’s of the same names and client owner authority.


Resolving the problem

Run the following commands:

First, if the admin IDs exist with the same names as the nodes (they should have been automatically created when the nodes were registered), then remove them with the following commands:

remove admin [TDPforExchangenodename] remove admin [localDSMAgentnodename]
Then, re-create them with the following command (this will ensure we have clean IDs to work with):
register admin [TDPforExchangenodename] register admin [localDSMAgentnodename]
Finally, run the two commands below to grant each of the admin IDs client owner authority for the nodes whose names they match:
grant authority [TDPforExchangenodename] authority=owner node=[TDPforExchangenodename]
grant authority [localDSMAgentnodename] authority=owner node=[localDSMAgentnodename]

written by Bosse

Jun 11

ANR0100E Error 105 creating table “OccupancyT”

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The following message will be seen when trying to start the Tivoli Storage Manager server: ANR0100E adminit.c(2564): Error 105 creating table “OccupancyT”.


Unable to start the Tivoli Storage Manager server.

Diagnosing the problem

Attempt to start the Tivoli Storage Manager server in the foreground (dsmserv -k instancename) will show the error. Also the following commands can be run from a DB2 command line to verify what accounts have the needed authority.

set db2instance=server1 db2 connect to TSMDB1 db2 “select grantee,securityadmauth from syscat.dbauth”
This should show that only the system accounts has the authority to create the table

Resolving the problem

There have been a few solutions reported for this error. These solutions will assume a database restore or server migration (moving of the Tivoli Storage Manager server) were not recently done.

1. Rebooting the system may resolve this issue. After a reboot, attempt to start the server again.

2. This error was maybe caused by using the wrong user. Use the same user that did the installation or use instance user.

3. The following can also be done to grant authority to the needed account.
For Windows 2008 – Download psexec
– Once extracted, you can run the following command from a Windows command prompt in the directory where you extracted it. psexec -i -s cmd.exe

For Windows 2003 – From a Windows command prompt enter:
sc create testsvc binpath= “cmd /K start” type= own type= interact sc start testsvc
You should then have a new command prompts at c:\Windows\system32 running whoami at this command prompt should show: nt authority\system
You can then start the db2 command line prompt under this window: “C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\db2\BIN\DB2CW.BAT”
Then to grant grant the needed authority, run the following commands
set db2instance=<instance> db2 connect to TSMDB1 db2 grant dbadm with dataaccess with accessctrl on database to user XXX db2 grant secadm on database to user XXX

written by Bosse