May 14
  • Issue the SET SERVERHLADDRESS command to identify the host or IP address of the server so you can see the deployment results.
  • Enable any applicable client events and assess their appropriate size and pruning duration. By enabling the events, the deployment manager can propagate the deployment messages to the server activity log. Determine an appropriate activity log size and pruning duration that can give you enough time to observe and react to the deployment results.
  • Configure the server for client automatic deployments. If you are using the Administration Center, access the Configure Client Auto Deployment wizard. Click Tivoli Storage Manager > Manage Servers. Select a server from the table and then select Configure Client Auto Deployment from the table actions. If you use the command-line interface to deploy client packages, issue the following example commands to configure the server:
    define devclass ibm_client_deploy_import devtype=file directory=import_directory
    define stgpool stgpool_name storage_dc_name maxscratch=20
    define domain ibm_client_deploy
    define policyset ibm_client_deploy ibm_client_deploy
    define mgmtclass ibm_client_deploy ibm_client_deploy ibm_client_deploy
    define copygroup ibm_client_deploy ibm_client_deploy ibm_client_deploy
    standard type=archive destination=stgpool_name retver=retention_value
    assign defmgmtclass ibm_client_deploy ibm_client_deploy ibm_client_deploy
    activate policyset ibm_client_deploy ibm_client_deploy
    • ibm_client_deploy_import is the temporary location from where the deployment packages are imported. This parameter is defined by the deployment manager.
    • import_directory is a previously defined directory that is accessible from the server.
    • stgpool_name is the name of a storage pool of your choosing where the deployment packages are stored on the server. The storage pool name is based on a previously defined device class. That device class is different from the one that is used to import data.
    • storage_dc_name represents the device class where the deployment packages are stored on the server.
    • retention_value sets the retention time for the package. You can set it to NOLimit or to a number of days. The default for the Administration Center is 5 years. If you specify a value other than the default value, take into account the number of days that the package is on the FTP site. The days spent on the FTP site are included in the number.
    • is the server IP address or host name from which you scheduled the client automatic deployment.
  • written by Bosse