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Considerations when upgrading to Tivoli Storage Manager v7

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What are the known issues you need to be aware of before upgrading to version 7.1 of the Tivoli Storage Manager?


There are two potential DB2 APARs that you may encounter during your upgrade from v6 to v7.
APAR Numbers:

Note that the underlying sub-directory structure of DB2’s active, active mirror, archive, and archive overflow locations have been changed. As a result, at upgrade time, DB2 attempts to copy the log files from the old sub-directory structure into a new sub-directory structure.

If DB2 is unable to successfully move the log files, the following errors may be seen:

Tivoli Storage Manager Installation/Upgrade Results:

      When running the upgrade of the server, the following warning message is encountered:

ANRI1017W WARNING:   The upgrade command for database TSMDB1 failed. To complete the upgrade of this instance, correct the error and reissue the following command as user <Instance User>:

db2 upgrade database TSMDB1.

      Next, trying to start DB2 and run the upgrade command results in the following:

$ db2start
04/14/2014 16:17:58     0   0   SQL1063N  DB2START processing was successful.
SQL1063N  DB2START processing was successful.

$ db2 upgrade database TSMDB1
SQL1762N  Unable to connect to database because there is not enough space to allocate active log files.  SQLSTATE=08004
db2diag.log File Results:2014-04-08- I63592A829           LEVEL: Error
PID     : 14811534             TID : 2058           PROC : db2sysc 0
INSTANCE: prd04                NODE : 000           DB   : TSMDB1
APPHDL  : 0-7                  APPID: *LOCAL.tsmprd04.140408150419
AUTHID  : PRD04                HOSTNAME: prd004
EDUID   : 2058                 EDUNAME: db2agent (TSMDB1) 0
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, data protection services, sqlpgReallocLogs, probe:970
MESSAGE : ZRC=0x85100084=-2062548860=SQLP_NO_SPACE_FOR_LOG
          "Not enough space to create primary logs"
DATA #1 : String, 59 bytes
Log path / Free space (bytes) / Log space required (bytes):
DATA #2 : String, 52 bytes
DATA #3 : unsigned integer, 8 bytes
DATA #4 : unsigned integer, 8 bytes

2014-04-08- I71011A511           LEVEL: Warning
PID     : 10944702             TID : 1              PROC : db2bp
INSTANCE: prd04                NODE : 000
HOSTNAME: prd004
EDUID   : 1
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, base sys utilities, sqlemgdb, probe:365
          SQL1762N  Unable to connect to database because there is not
          enough space to allocate active log files.



For APAR IC99700, there are two possible solutions you can do before attempting your upgrade.

    1. Double the size of the file system where your active log resides. All this space will be needed because the log files are copied from the old location to the new location (refer to APAR IC97073).
    2. Change the size of your active log by updating the ACTIVELOGSIZE in your dsmserv.opt file. Once you update this option, restart your Tivoli Storage Manage server, prior to your upgrade, to allow the new size to take effect. If this is the option you select, ensure you have double the space in your active log file system. After you complete the upgrade, start your server and go through your verification steps. Halt your Tivoli Storage Manager server and reset your ACTIVELOGSIZE option to your desired size and then start your server.

For APAR IC97073, there is no work around. Following a successful v7 upgrade, be aware that there is a chance the old log files will not be removed. These old files may need to be manually removed. Before removal, verification of the configuration from both the Tivoli Storage Manager and DB2 perspectives should be completed. Contact Support for assistance.

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