Oct 16

Version 6 server fails to start with ANR9999D_3831306406

DB2 Errors Comments Off on Version 6 server fails to start with ANR9999D_3831306406


After a database restore of V6 Tivoli Storage Manager Server, the Server may fail to start with the following error during startup: . ANR9999D_3831306406 ReportSQLDiagInfo(dbieval.c:1406) Thread<1>: Missing sqlState=58005, sqlCode=-902 from table. Returning rc = 9994.


You may see the following in the db2diag.log:

2012-08-27- I2765065E1078 LEVEL: Error PID : 5337 TID : 140025270232864PROC : db2fm INSTANCE: tsminst NODE : 000 FUNCTION: DB2 Common, Fault Monitor Facility, fmGetInstallPath, probe:60 MESSAGE : ECF=0x90000521=-1879046879=ECF_FM_NO_PERMISSION_TO_INSTALL_PATH No proper access permisions to the install path


The database was restored using an instance that is different than the one used in the backed up database.

For example, the default instance name is tsminst1, but the customer used the instance name “tsminst”. You can see evidence of the change in the db2diag.log. The correct name: “INSTANCE: tsminst1” will be replaced with: “INSTANCE: tsminst ”

Resolving the problem

As the root user, run the following command making sure to use the correct instance name:

“db2iupdt <NewInstName>”
The server should now start.

written by Bosse