Nov 14

Changing the client GUID on Windows

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How do I change the GUID on a Tivoli Storage Manager Backup Archive client?


GUID is an acronym for Globally Unique IDentifier. The GUIDs are intended to help uniquely identify a particular machine (for reporting purposes), regardless of how many different node names are used on the machine, or which network adapter on the machine is used to connect to the Tivoli Storage Manager server.

In Windows this GUID is stored in the registry under the following location.
If it is necessary to remove an old GUID and create a new one the following procedure can be followed.
NOTE: This procedure will require you to modify your Windows Registry. Before doing anything, make sure to backup your registry. This is so you can restore your registry should you accidentally remove something you should not have.

  1. Backup your Windows Registry
  2. Close all client GUI windows and stop all client services
  3. Open the registry and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Tivoli\Guid
  4. Delete/rename the entire GUID folder
  5. Start the client again. This should recreate the GUID folder and a new GUID key


written by Bosse