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A Tivoli Storage Manager server is upgraded from V6 to V7. The upgrade fails with the following error : ANRI1043E: An error occurred while dropping the DB2 instances.


The following errors are logged :

=====> IBM Installation Manager> Error
ERROR: Error during "install" phase:
Details: ANRI1043E: An error occurred while dropping the DB2 instances. To review errors and correct any issues, review the log files in /var/ibm/InstallationManager/logs/native.



Orphaned DB2 instance causing the db2idrop command to fail during upgrade


Tivoli Storage Manager Server on Unix/Linux


Diagnosing the problem


1. Run the db2ilist command to verify the DB2 instances that are configured on the system. For example : # /opt/tivoli/tsm/db2/instance/db2ilist
tsmi tsmiold
In this case, it shows two instances, tsmi and tsmiold. The tsmiold instance is an instance that is no longer in use.
2. Run the db2greg command to verify the DB2 registry. For example : /opt/tivoli/tsm/db2/bin/db2greg -dump show V,DB2GPRF,DB2SYSTEM,xvotsmsrv01,/opt/tivoli/tsm/db2, I,DB2,,tsmi,/home/tsmi/sqllib,,1,0,/opt/tivoli/tsm/db2,, V,DB2GPRF,DB2INSTDEF,tsmi,/opt/tivoli/tsm/db2, I,DB2,,tsmiold,/home/tsmiv/sqllib,,1,0,/opt/tivoli/tsm/db2,, V,DB2GPRF,DB2FCMCOMM,TCPIP4,/opt/tivoli/tsm/db2, S,DB2,,/opt/tivoli/tsm/db2,,,6,0,,1359560348,0 Again, in this case, the registry shows references to the tsmi and tsmiold instances
3. Run the db2idrop command to remove the old instance (tsmiold). The command fails with the following error : DBI1081E The file or directory /home/tsmiold/sqllib/bin is missing.

Resolving the problem

Remove the orphaned DB2 registry reference to the old instance (tsmiold) with the following command :

/opt/tivoli/tsm/db2/bin/db2greg -delinstrec instancename=tsmiold Retry the upgrade once the orphaned instance is removed.


written by Bosse

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