May 12
Can information be obtained directly from the version 6.1 Tivoli Storage Manager database tables as it was in version 5?
Unlike version 5, where internal tables had to be mapped to temporary tables, information can be obtained directly from the DB2 database tables for TSM 6.1 by issuing select statements from the DB2 command line prompt.
Ensure that the DB2INSTANCE environment variable is pointing to the correct database instance. Using the default instance name as an example:
set DB2INSTANCE=server1

The db2ilist command can be used to list the instances when run from db2 command prompt.

Issue the following commands from a db2 command prompt to connect to the database, set the database schema and obtain information from a table in the database.

1) db2 connect to tsmdb1
2) db2 set schema tsmdb1
3) db2 select * from as_volume_status

The example above is for the as_volume_status table, data from any of the database tables can be obtained by specifying the desired table name.

Data can be redirected to a text file by using the redirect symbol (>). For instance:
db2 select * from activity_log > actlog.txt

written by Bosse

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